TraceFont basic learning tracing font

TraceFont is a traditional “stick and ball” style font. It’s similar to the type styles used in many early children’s books, so it may be easier for your child to learn this writing style first, because they’re already visually familiar with it.

The $5.00 download includes only the font. If you also want worksheets, select the $10 option. You may also be interested in our KidsFonts Download Pack which includes all of our fonts, and a set of of worksheets for each tracing font.

  • TraceFont (no worksheets) licensed for personal/homeschool group use only.

  • If you want pre-made worksheets to go with TraceFont (for use in homeschool settings only), choose this.

  • Using the font in a classroom, or a daycare center? Purchase an Educational Use license.

  • If you wish to use the font to make commercial worksheets or workbooks or an app, choose this.