NealFont Pre-cursive Style Tracing Font

NealFont is a traditional “pre-cursive” style font. Learning the tilted, single-stroke lowercase letter forms with the upswing “tails” makes it easier to learn cursive writing next.

The free download includes only the font file. If you would also like pre-made worksheets, you may be interested in our KidsFonts Download Pack which includes all three fonts, two complete sets of worksheets, and access to personalized support.

  • Single-family homeschoolers, etc. No charge, unless you'd like to upgrade to pay the shareware fee, which we surely appreciate!

  • If you teach a group of homeschoolers, or wish to use the font(s) in a single pre-school/daycare setting, this option is for you.

  • Using the font in multiple classrooms, or across a network of daycare centers? Purchase a noncommercial license.

  • If you're planning to use the fonts to make commercial worksheets or workbooks or an app, choose this option. Thank you!